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Tooth Replacement

Sometimes a tooth is beyond saving, or the risks of keeping it outweigh the benefits.  Having a tooth removed can be a scary thought, but thankfully it doesn't have to be a bad experience.  We utilize a thoughtful and gentle approach that keeps your comfort and ideal healing as the top priority.  Advanced yet simple grafting techniques make the healing process smooth and predictable. 3D imaging takes the guesswork out of the surgical planning process, ensuring the procedure is as seamless as possible.

Additionally, when it comes to replacing a missing tooth, there are several options to meet people's specific goals.  For many, implants are a great choice, and the materials available today are better than ever, speeding up healing time and decreasing the complexity of the overall process.  

Tooth Removal and L-PRF Grafting

  • Atraumatic surgical technique helps minimize healing time and improves the overall experience.

  • L-PRF grafting is an advanced protocol that prevents dry socket infection, reduces pain, decreases healing time, and increases bone regrowth.

  • Complete removal of all infection prevents residual bacterial presence and healing complications.


  • Titanium or Zirconia materials allow for flexible treatment planning.

  • Guided surgery improves placement accuracy while decreasing appointment time and invasiveness.

  • All-digital treatment planning creates highly functional and esthetic final results.

Bridges and Partial Dentures

  • Efficient and non-surgical way to replace one or multiple missing teeth.

  • Functional and cost-effective.

  • Non-metal designs have greater flexibility and comfort compared to metal-based partials.

Dr. Bryan is friendly and informative with advice on the best way to improve your dental health.  The staff is helpful and friendly as well.  Overall a great place to get your dental health needs met!

Judy B.

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