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Family Portrait

Honesty, Quality, Compassion

We take pride in the lasting relationships we form with our patients

Principles That Guide Our Approach To Care

First, do no harm

The body is interconnected, respect the intelligent design of nature

Assess and treat root causes, avoid focusing only on symptoms

Everyone is unique, therefore the best approach to your care must be personalized

Our goal is to provide exceptional service and be of great value to you!

How We Accomplish This

Respect your autonomy and health goals

Take a thoughtful and intentional approach to your experience and the care you receive


Create time and space for personal connection

Utilize an integrative, holistic, results-driven approach to clinical care

Meet Dr. Neish

Dr. Bryan Neish is a second-generation dentist and Pacific Northwest native. He developed an interest in dentistry early on watching his father practice in Beaverton for over 40 years. Prior to completing his dental education at OHSU, Dr. Neish worked as a dental assistant and also served as a board member for the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. He values honesty and quality as well as personal connection in all aspects of his work.


Dr. Neish believes that healthcare is a collaborative effort and seeks to educate his patients so they can have autonomy in their decision making process. Through countless hours of continuing education, Dr. Neish has thoughtfully implemented advanced technologies and a focus on whole-body health into his clinical practice.


Outside of work, Dr. Neish loves spending time with his wife, Chelsea, and their two children, Theodore and Eleanor. He enjoys doing odd jobs around the house, golfing, and visiting Central Oregon whenever possible.

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