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Preventive Care and Periodontal Health

For years we’ve appreciated the role of gums and bone in supporting our teeth so they can function the way they’re supposed to.  Now we look at gum health through a whole new lens - it is intimately related to our cardiovascular health and by extension, our entire bodies.

Studies have shown certain types of oral bacteria play a role in vascular inflammation, which can lead to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and Alzheimer’s/dementia.  Bacterial imbalance in the mouth can also cause disturbances in gut health (it’s all the same tube after all).  You can see why we take the health of your gums so seriously. 


We implement customized periodontal therapy based on current conditions and risk factors, using advanced therapies including lasers, ozone, and a thoughtful blend of mechanical tools for gentle and effective plaque removal.  Lastly, we prioritize working with patients to tailor their long term maintenance plan so they can achieve and sustain lasting results.

Annual Checkups

  • Proactive prevention to stay ahead of potential issues and optimize oral health.

  • Focus on decreasing risk factors to minimize the chances of problems developing.

  • Early detection and minimally invasive strategies.

Routine Cleanings

  • Gentle and effective removal of plaque and build-up for people with healthy gums and supporting tissues.

  • Sometimes accompanied by the use of tissue-stimulating lasers and ozone to combat bacteria.

  • Personalized recommendations for home care strategies to keep your mouth healthy!

Deep Cleanings

  • When excess inflammation and build-up require a deeper cleaning to restore gum health.

  • Bacterial reduction and enhanced healing/regeneration using lasers and energized oxygen (ozone).

  • Pre-treatment conditioning and post-treatment management for ideal results and long term success!

Regenerative Surgery

  • For situations where inflammation has resulted in loss of supporting bone around the teeth.

  • Laser-assisted decontamination and stabilization of the gum pocket to stimulate and promote bone regeneration.

  • Assessment and management of systemic and localized risk factors to promote long term stability.

Excellent service and care at Neish Dentistry.  I am thrilled to have my dental needs met in a technology forward dental practice.  The staff is friendly, office is clean, you can bet I will be back again!

Dakota F.

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