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Neish Dentistry can help! Our laser-assisted irrigation technique is the most efficient and thorough method currently available. Save your natural tooth structure and maximize your long-term dental health.

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Benefits of a Root Canal

When faced with a severe toothache, you may worry that you need a root canal. However, thanks to modern technology, root canals are a simple and effective way to:

  • Relieve extremely painful toothaches
  • Fix teeth damaged by decay or injury
  • Eliminate potentially serious infections

At Neish Dentistry we take a comfort-first approach to root canal therapy. Following a root canal, your tooth will be restored to its original function, strength, and appearance. Root canals help you keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible for as long as possible.

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Your Root Canal: What to Expect

  1. We start with an assessment and consultation. Radiographic imaging, a close examination of the tooth, and Dr. Neish’s experience allow him to create a treatment plan that’s just for you. 
  2. If a root canal is appropriate, the treatment begins by making sure you are numb and relaxed.
  3. Dr. Neish will cleanse the tooth’s root canal with laser assistance, eliminating infection and ensuring it does not recur.
  4. The tooth’s root canal is sealed and the remaining tooth structure is prepared for the final restoration.

Restoring Your Tooth

The final step is to restore the treated tooth’s appearance and function with a dental crown.

We offer our patients the latest in high-tech dental crowns. Using the CEREC system, you can get a “same-day” crown without the need for a goopy impression or a temporary crown.

One visit is all it takes.

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We Value…

Great Relationships

Neish Dentistry has been serving the Beaverton community for over 30 years. We build lifelong partnerships with our patients.

Open Communication

You’ll work closely with Dr. Neish to make the best decision for your health. We want you to be confident in the care you receive.

Your Experience

We’re the most comfortable and relaxing dentist office in Beaverton! You’ll love our high-tech and high-comfort experience.

Impeccable Results

Not only will your visits be comfortable, but the end results will leave you smiling.

Above all else, we value your health. There’s nothing more important to us than helping you achieve lasting health and happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Will my root canal last forever?”

In an otherwise healthy tooth, a root canal can last for decades. However, there can be warning signs that a root canal may fail, which makes keeping up with checkups and exams very important. A failing root canal presents a significant biological risk just like any other oral/body infection and should be actively avoided.

“I don’t want a root canal. Can’t I just get the tooth pulled instead?”

At Neish Dentistry, we respect your autonomy and treatment preferences. It’s our goal to make sure you have an in-depth understanding of your options and the pros and cons of each. An extraction is sometimes the best option when the remaining tooth structure is inadequate. In certain scenarios, a root canal can be an effective and predictable way to preserve the structure of functionality of your tooth. Whether you choose a root canal or an extraction, any oral infection present should be addressed, as ongoing oral infections pose a very serious risk to the whole body, especially the cardiovascular system.

“What is root canal toxicity?”Root canal toxicity occurs when infection is not fully removed before a root canal is completed or when infection recurs following a root canal. Any oral infection is a serious health threat. Regular radiographs to monitor root-canaled teeth are recommended to identify any recurrent infection.

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