CEREC Single Visit Dental Crowns in Beaverton OR

No goopy impressions. No temporaries. No waiting. No second appointment.
Just a perfect crown made in minutes.

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Single Visit Dental Crowns vs. Traditional Dental Crowns

Custom-designed CEREC crowns fit your mouth perfectly

With proper care, your crown can last for decades

A CEREC crown creates a natural, healthy, stable bite

Biocompatible porcelain can be shaped and colored to match your natural teeth

The 4-Step CEREC Process: Same Day Dental Crowns Made Simple

1. Dr. Neish uses a 3D scanner to create a high-definition image of your mouth

2. Computer technology designs a blueprint for your new crown

3. High-speed equipment crafts your finished crown from biocompatible porcelain

4. Dr. Neish installs your finished crown. Start to finish it’s usually less than an hour

Beaverton same-day crowns at Neish Dentistry

CEREC Technology is Used in…

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Root Canals

When completing a root canal, Dr. Neish can create a custom dental crown to finish the restoration. You’ll have a finished crown in about an hour instead of waiting weeks with a temporary crown and then coming back for another appointment.

You’ll recover faster, feel better, and be happier with the finished results.

Dental Implants, Dentures, and Bridges

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing or damaged teeth. After your implant is healed, the CEREC system can be used to create a crown, denture, or bridge that is then placed atop the implant post. CEREC is a flexible technology and the possibilities are nearly endless!
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What Our Patients Are Saying…

“My wife and I have been going to Neish Dentistry for 35 years. We have always enjoyed the professional, friendly, and courteous manner of Dr. Neish and his staff. Keep up the great work!”
– Chuck

Meet Your Dentist

Scott R. Neish DMD

Dr. Scott R. Neish, DMD

  • Graduate of University of Oregon and the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
  • Studied restorative dentistry at the world-renowned Kois Center

We Value…

Our Relationships

Neish Dentistry has been serving the Beaverton community for over 30 years. Our team builds lifelong partnerships with our patients.

Open Communication

You’ll work closely with Dr. Neish to learn the benefits of CEREC dental crowns and to make the best decision for your health.

Your Experience

We’re the most comfortable and relaxing dentist office in Beaverton! You’ll love our high-tech and high-comfort experience.

Great Results

CEREC dental crowns are beautiful, durable, and function just like natural teeth. See for yourself!

Above all else, we value your health. There’s nothing more important to us than helping you achieve lasting health and happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What are the biggest advantages to CEREC crowns?”
Unlike traditional gold or ceramic crowns, CEREC dental crowns are made from biocompatible (and natural looking) porcelain. Nobody will know you have a crown. Plus CEREC crowns take just minutes to make and last longer than traditional crowns. When it comes to creating crowns, the CEREC system has no disadvantages!

“Those gooey impressions make me gag. Do I have to do that?”
No! Instead of a goopy impression, the CEREC system uses high-tech 3D imaging technology. Dr. Neish will take a “picture” of your mouth in just seconds. It’s absolutely amazing. Best of all, 3D images allow us to create a crown that fits perfectly.

“How do I take care of my crown?”
CEREC crowns are very durable and easy to care for. Just brush and floss your crown like it’s a natural tooth. Schedule a dental cleaning every 6 months or so to remove any built up plaque and tartar. Avoid excessively sugary or acidic foods that could be trapped between your crown and neighboring teeth and contribute to tooth decay or gum disease.

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